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Village Post Office

Grade II listed converted village post office in Dorset

Grade II listed converted village post office in Dorset, UK owned by furniture maker Jonathan Sainsbury and his wife Victoria + their 4 children (ages range from six to eighteen). Property had been empty for 7 years and was completely dilapidated. Over almost a year and a half the Sainsburys restored, repaired and rebuilt the crumbling building, extending into the garden behind, including a vast underground family room. The whole of the original house had to be underpinned and each chimney had to be taken down and reassembled. Intricately carved side tables, fine paintings and rococo gilt mirrors jostle for attention alongside classical busts, and monumental marble columns. Jonathanís great grandfather Daniel Sainsbury founded the family cabinet making business. Jonathanís company specialises in making fine reproduction furniture inspired by 18th & 19th century masters:





















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