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Suburban Jungle

Early 20th century wooden house in Houston Texas

Respected American artist Salle Werner Vaughn lives in a suburban jungle in an early 20th century wooden house in Houston Texas filled with her art and quirky collections, some of it extremely fine - furniture and antiquities - and some of it probably theatre props. It is all about creating beauty while her painting has a strong sense of the surreal. The house survives much as it was built, there are empty plots beside it and further houses of the same vintage nearby which Salle has collected and uses to store her work, create installations and in one she has recently painted a miniature Pompeii onto the shiplap walls, floors and salvaged columns. The 2 main spaces are treated as a gallery, the rest of the house is a pretty dacha. Salle describes her rooms as evoking another time and place, not just the past but planned to lift from the ordinary. 'Beauty is my lodestar'.





















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