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Open Space

Former agricultural building in the Umbrian countryside

This stunning open space is located in a 200 year old former agricultural building in the Umbrian countryside. The building had recently been bought by a publisher and his Austrian wife Andrea Falkner. The publishing business is located on the ground and first floors and their private apartment in the double-height upper floor. The owners asked PAOLA NAVONE, one of Italy’s top designer/architects to come up with a solution for this unusual space ( which in its earlier guise as an agricultural space was used as a place to breed silk worms and before that to dry tobacco). The couple ended up with 500 sq m of open space, incorporating one dining and living area and separated by white curtains only, a sleeping and dressing area. There is no second bedroom and apart from the front door, there are only two doors in the entire space; one to close off the kitchen from the main living area and one for the guest cloakroom. At its highest point, the ceiling height is 9m.





















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